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Viktoria about Kaisey:

"Kaisey is a lovely and very calm toller in the everyday life. She is not a golden retriever, so with new people she is more an observer than a dog who jumps to everybody. She loves cuddling but not outside, but only in privacy at home. Since she was a puppy we never had really a problem with her in terms destroying at home something or being too crazy. I do bring her lot to the office to keep her socialized with various people too. With other dogs, she is more observer too, does not like jumping and crazy dogs who are running around like a headless chicken. She meet ands greets with everybody but after a few sec she knows if she is interested in playing or just walks by. When it comes to work, it’s completely her world… there she has a drive as a typical toller."

We expect puppies who are eager to work. If you are aware of this and want to engage your Toller, you can still contact Viktoria (Kaisey's owner). Contact details: Click here!

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