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I, Julia Hirn, live with my family and our two Tollers near Ulm/Germany. Even after graduating from high school (2013) I wanted my first Toller, but when I started studying it became clear that this is more difficult to implement than I thought. As a result, I spent my student days with our family dog, Aila. She came to us when I was 10 and was primarily my wish. Fortunately, my parents are not the kind of person who only buys a dog for the fun of the children.


Thanks to Aila, I got to know a wide variety of courses at our dog school at an early age and noticed that I had a lot of fun working with the dog. My favorite at the time was agility, but Aila wasn't there with the same enthusiasm. In the search for a job that we both enjoy, we discovered dummy work together and got to know the basics together. Despite all our common experiences, Aila was always my parents' dog (especially my mother) and so it happened that in my own apartment I noticed again and again that I miss a dog a lot in everyday life.

For my master’s degree, I went abroad to Scotland and there, too, I quickly noticed that a dog was missing. After it was clear when we would come back to Germany, I contacted Finn's breeder. I was overjoyed when the long-awaited news came from Manu in May 2018 that we would have one of the puppies from Caja's B-litter.

In summer 2022, we added a toller girl to the family. She is from the kennel "A very red". This dog wasn't planned as long as Finn but that doesn't say anything about how much we love her. For me it was always a dream to have two dogs and I got to say I haven't regretted it since!

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