Aila was my Dream-Come-True. For years I asked my parents for a dog. Finally, in 2005 they were ready. My parents decided that my sister and me were old enough. Not to entirely take care of a dog, but at least to help taking care. I was 10 years old when Aila came to us. I wanted to share every experience with her that my mom had - like sleeping next to her in the beginning when she was a puppy. I was with her in dog school and on most walks.

With Aila I did some Agility and Dummywork. During my time at University she was often with me but she always was my mother's dog. My mom was her home.

Aila was a really calm dog and she lived life a bit slower. Always friendly and with a wagging tail. She was sweet-tempered and peaceable who didn't seek any trouble. Just a perfect first dog. She made it easy for us.

I am overly happy, that she met Finn and also tought him one or two things.