Benfinnan - Entwicklung


Finn was my favorite from the first visit because he was so fearless and curious already at the age of only 4 weeks. When Manu also said she believed that he would be the best fit for us and our life situation (we lived in the middle of Munich at the time) everything was perfect!


In everyday life, Finn is an ideal companion who is always happy and satisfied as long as he can be by my side. Both in the office and at home, he is relaxed and sleeps most of the time. He only wakes up when there is a chance to eat, cuddle or, of course, go for a walk, play or train. Of course it's different outside. Finn has to explore and sniff everything and ideally run a lot and quickly. Often we also incorporate one or the other training unit (dummy, obedience or trickery) into the walk and even a hormone-controlled teen can completely ignore other dogs. But even if we just do a boring walk, Finn moves in a comfortable radius around me.


With Finn I have a companion who is there with everything. Our main areas are definitely dummy work and tolling / hunting work, but that doesn't mean that he isn't enthusiastic about a round of agility in the garden. Even preparing for the companion dog test was a lot of fun. But I think if you ask him what he likes best, his answer is tolling and blood tracks. If Finn is allowed to work on ducks, no treat or ball is good enough and the best reward is to keep working.



Beurteilung: Good size, masculine head, light eyes, excellent coat, good charisma, excellent anatomy, correct in all parts, very fluid movement.

Result: excellent

Judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel

Date: 07.08.2020