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27.07.2023: Skye's HD-/ED-results arrived!!! She has A1 hips and ED 0! We are so happy!

04.06.2023: Finn has become a father! On Sunday morning Kaisey has given birth to 6 females and 1 male. Weitere Infos hier.

11.12.2022: Finn has passed the character test and received a nice evaluation.

15.10.2022: We met Skye's family again for the first litter meet up. Everyone was there and the youngsters had a great time playing and running together.

13.10.2022: It's official - there is a litter planned with Finn. The litter will be at the kennel Cherubic Soul in Slovakia. Further Information here.

17.09.2022: We started in a advanced hunting test. Unfortunately we couldn't succeed, but I am overly proud of Finn's performance.

11.09.2022: Finn und I passed the Tolling Bronze (Beginners) with a 3. price!


10.08.2022: The little Skye from the kennel "A very red" moved in with us. We are curious to see what the future holds for us.

21.05.2022: We went to the litter meet up to Manu and Stephan. On Saturday they organized an unoffical Workingtest for all of us. And what schould I say: WE WON! With incredible 135 out of 140 points. I am proud of my confident boy!

05.04.2022: We received health results of Finn! Amongst HD und ED are also PRA, DM, CDDY (with IVDD) and the eyes (ECVO) tested. In DEN and JADD he is free by parentage.

20.03.2022: Today was a Tolling-Seminar on the plan. I was positively surprised over our confident work. Finn was definately in his element.

30.10.2021: We participated in the AlpenrandCup (Training Workingtest) today. This was our first experience in a workingtest. We passed with  61 out of 80 points and good.

08.10.2021: Finn is now an official stud dog!!

03.09.2021: Today we went to the vet to check Finn's eyes. Everything alright.

22.08.2021: We passed the HUNTING EXAMINATION today!! I am super proud of us!


13.06.2021: The first part of the hunting usability course is done! We passed the basis test with 74 out of 80 points (1st price).

13.11.2020: I have passed my hunter examination today! We will start Finn`s hunting usability course in January (if Covid allows).

08.08.2020: The litter meet-up for the 2nd birthday was finally rescheduled. We had a great time and of course we trained together again. This time Tolling was on the agenda.


07.08.2020: Finn passed the conformation score with EXCELLENT! I am overjoyed with the great report.


21.02.2020: Finally the HD / ED results have arrived. HD A1 / A1 and ED free.


17.01.2020: Finn was X-rayed today for the HD / ED examination. His teeth were also checked - he has full teeth and no findings.


07.12.2019: At the end of the year we dared to take the companion dog test (DRC). We were able to pass with VERY GOOD.


07.09.2019: Wuhuu we passed the JAS/R!! I am super happy with how Finn presented himself. I'm looking forward to what will await us.


25.05.2019: This weekend we had the throwing meeting for the 1st birthday of our boys. It was great to see everyone again and we had a great training day on Saturday!


30.03.2019: We went to Salzburg for the international dog show. Finn got an SG2.


26.01.2019: We took part in our first exhibition. I was a bit nervous and Finn didn't think much of standing still. We'll have to practice a little for the next show.


03.10.2018: Finn was able to see ALL of his brothers again today. The pedigrees have arrived at Manu and we have combined that perfectly with a reunion.


19.07.2018: Little Mr. Blue has finally moved in with us. Thank you Manu for your trust in us.


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