30.10.2021: We participated in the AlpenrandCup (Training Workingtest) today. This was our first experience in a workingtest. We passed with  61 out of 80 points and good.

08.10.2021: Finn is now an official stud dog!!

03.09.2021: Today we went to the vet to check Finn's eyes. Everything alright.

22.08.2021: We passed the HUNTING EXAMINATION today!! I am super proud of us!


13.06.2021: The first part of the hunting usability course is done! We passed the basis test with 74 out of 80 points (1st price).

13.11.2020: I have passed my hunter examination today! We will start Finn`s hunting usability course in January (if Covid allows).

08.08.2020: The litter meet-up for the 2nd birthday was finally rescheduled. We had a great time and of course we trained together again. This time Tolling was on the agenda.


07.08.2020: Finn passed the conformation score with EXCELLENT! I am overjoyed with the great report.


21.02.2020: Finally the HD / ED results have arrived. HD A1 / A1 and ED free.


17.01.2020: Finn was X-rayed today for the HD / ED examination. His teeth were also checked - he has full teeth and no findings.


07.12.2019: At the end of the year we dared to take the companion dog test (DRC). We were able to pass with VERY GOOD.


07.09.2019: Wuhuu we passed the JAS/R!! I am super happy with how Finn presented himself. I'm looking forward to what will await us.


25.05.2019: This weekend we had the throwing meeting for the 1st birthday of our boys. It was great to see everyone again and we had a great training day on Saturday!


30.03.2019: We went to Salzburg for the international dog show. Finn got an SG2.


26.01.2019: We took part in our first exhibition. I was a bit nervous and Finn didn't think much of standing still. We'll have to practice a little for the next show.


03.10.2018: Finn was able to see ALL of his brothers again today. The pedigrees have arrived at Manu and we have combined that perfectly with a reunion.


19.07.2018: Little Mr. Blue has finally moved in with us. Thank you Manu for your trust in us.


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